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Custom Project

Share your crazy ideas and we’ll find a way to make it happen

BigAirBag® owes its success to recognising human limitations and creating safety solutions that help us to extend our abilities beyond those limitations to achieve previously unimaginable fetes.

Nothing is too crazy for BigAirBag® and our research and development team loves a challenge! If you are looking for a custom made safety system for any type of application then we welcome your ideas and input. Also if you have a custom project request that needs to be treated with professional discretion then BigAirBag® is your reliable partner.

  • Planning to do the first quad FMX backflip?
  • Having problems getting out of the trees after crashing your parachute?
  • Would you like to backflip your car?
  • Are you building a training facility for flying the first consumer jetpacks?
  • Want to break records within your sport?
  • Do you want to improve your training facility?
  • Or do you want to open a fully designed theme park with all possible drops into a BigAirBag®?
  • Do you want to be the first performing an unforgetable trick?

Share your crazy ideas

Send your YouTube or Vimeo links, images or sketches

The team from BigAirBag are a bunch of a really great guys who supported me in the run up and practice for the successful Guinness World Record of the first car backflip in a MINI. Training with an airbag is super important when trying to successfully achieve my stunts and projects, and I want to thank BigAirBag for their support in getting me there!

Guerlain Chicherit - Professional skier and rally driverMonster Energy, MINI, Tignes Development