BigAirBag Features: Internal Blowers

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BigAirBag prides itself in constantly innovating and delivering products of the highest quality. Attention to detail is crucial to provide the safest airbags on the market. Features that you do not see on first sight but are essential for an airbag. Such as: an Internal Blower System

01 One feature for all models

The internal blower system is a feature we integrated with all our models. For most of them, it’s standard practice to produce them with this feature. The reason BigAirBag uses internal blower instead external blowers, is because we have been able to eliminate all possible negative impacts from an internal blower system such as a user hitting the blower after a jump (which can happen if a user slides of an airbag with external blower).

Through smart positioning and creating safe operational protocols, the internal blower system only has benefits.

Tomas Huting - CEO

02 BigAirBag blower types

Different BigAirBag models require different type of blowers as well as the required amount of blowers. Here is an overview of our most used blowers.

Silver Fan

The silver fan made of high quality, galvanized steel and conforms to CE, GS, UL, CSA and TÜV standards. It is built into a compartment with foam protection to prevent it from breaking on firm surfaces and held into place with several straps. The compartment is accessed through one or two zippers (depending on the model). The Silver Fan is used in the Freestyle, Revolution, Landing, and the Comfort Adventure.

How exactly we position and use the Silver Fan differs per model:

Freestyle: One is used for each chamber (upper and lower). One placed on each long side at the back so users can not even come near it when jumping or exiting.

Revolution: One is used for safety ring, built internally on the bottom and then connected through a tube to the safety ring at the top.

Landing: The amount of blowers needed depends on the size of the BigAirBag but range between two to five usually. If there is a wedge included, that will always have it’s own internal blower(s) so that when setting the pressure of the Landing, the wedge stays firm.

Comfort Adventure & Foam Pit: Like with the Landing, the amount of blowers required depends on the size of the BigAirBag. An estimate is one blower per 40m2 / 130ft2.

Axial Blower

The Axial blower is only used for the Revolution model because the Revolution has so much volume that it needs more air moving in. The Revolution requires one Axial fan for models up to 10 x 10 m / 32 x 32 ft. Bigger models require two Axial Blowers.

Axial Blowers are always placed inside and come with two foam blocks for support and protection. The foam blocks are shaped like a semi-circle and a full circle. The semi-circle block is for the Axial Blower to sit in and is placed inside the BigAirBag Revolution and is attached to the to bottom of the Revoltion using Velcro and straps. The full circle foam block sits on the outside of the Revolution, in front of the Axial Blower, to provide support and protect material from being sucked in.

Low-Noise Air Mover

The Low-Noise Air Mover is the third blower used for BigAirBags. This blower is used mainly for BigAirBags that require an external blower system such as Foam Pit BigAirBags. There are several reasons to choose for this blower as it elimates some of the downsides of other blowers used externally:

Extremely quiet: Probably not surprising looking at the product name, but these blowers are extremely quiet. You can stand next to it and have a conversation without raising your voice. In fact: it is the quietest on the market!

Built to last: With a Polypropylene molded housing with filter and it’s sealed motor, this one will last both indoor and outdoor for a long time.

Our final touch: External blowers have the risk of disconnecting from the blower tube. However we developed a tube with housing that eliminates the risk with a triple connecting system. Furthermore, you can connect the housing straight to the BigAirBag so it’s just outside but does not require a blower tube.

Benefits of an internal blower system

Through innovative production, smart positioning, and safe operational protocols, there are only benefits to an internal blower system.

  • Noise reduction: Up to 80% less
  • Supported: Can’t fall over
  • Damage free: With foam covers
  • No risk: Of disconnecting blower tubes
  • Access restricted: Users can’t reach them or trip
  • Out of sight: Gives your setup a clean look
  • Weather resistant: Electricity and water don’t match
  • Less space: No tubes sticking out

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