Tested from over 60m above ground level the BigAirBag® REVOLUTION can deal with the heaviest of impacts and the hardest of falls. The BigAirBag® REVOLUTION provides super soft, super safe landings. It also doubles up as a giant interactive billboard, delivering your brand message in full color, high definition print quality.

01 Features

Extreme impact

It’s 3m height provides incredible impact absorption. The air-valves provide optimum impact absorption at all times.

Safety perimeter for secure landings

The inflatable safety perimeter protects riders from slipping or falling off even if they land close to the airbag perimeter.

Customize to fit
your brand

Interchangeable full color side sheets and replaceable Topsheet transform your BigAirBag® into a giant interactive billboard.

High quality
coated fabrics

Manufactured using the most advanced German made coated fabrics from Mehler Eco-care, our Topsheets provide unbeatable flexibility and durability. 

Safety comes

The blower system is housed within the airbag for increased safety and reliability, weather resistance and reduced noise. The innovative system limits unwanted access to the blowers and eliminates the risk of kinked blower hoses or blower damage caused by the blowers being flung into the air during operation.

Worldwide Premium

BigAirBag® has invested heavily in building the most advanced manufacturing facility. Today being the only ones using the finest German materials and the most advanced machinery and modern production techniques available.

02 Specs

Let’s jump into details of the BigAirBag® REVOLUTION.

How it works

The BigAirBag® REVOLUTION has its baffling 2 chamber-system incorporated into one inflatable air cushion. When a jumper lands on the REVOLUTION, the air is released throughout multiple pressure windows, allowing air to escape to absorb the impact. The internal blowers and axial fans (not exposed to the outside environment) ensure a constant air supply. However, there is NO fixed air pressure in the REVOLUTION.


Available in several standard sizes for all ability levels starting at 8×8 meter / 26×26 feet


Purchase a BigAirBag® REVOLUTION from €16.500,- / $19.950,- or inquire for our rental options.

Complete package includes:

  • Multiple-chamber inside air-cushion
  • Removable & replaceable Topsheet(s)
  • 4 Removable & replaceable Side sheets
  • 2 Blowers (Optional: Blower Alarm System)
  • Anchoring system
  • Maintenance kit
  • Transportation
  • Installation on location & a full safety training
  • TÜV product certification for safety & quality
  • Optional: Full color branding

Tell us your idea and get a quote

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Surprise your partners, stakeholders and
investors with a free 3d sample model

At BigAirBag we go out of our way to help our customers regarding all aspects of their project – Branding is another area in which we excel!

Our team of professional designers are here to help you bring your ideas to life. Please send us your artwork files and we will work with you closely for the best looking results.

03 Inspiration

Freestyle Skiing & Snowboarding

Free fall and Adventure Parks

FMX Airbag

How people use BigAirBag® Revolution

  • Terrain Park/Snow Park Safety
  • Stunt Jumps
  • Snow tubing
  • Mountain Bike/BMX
  • Dry slope Freestyle Training
  • Trampoline
  • Free fall
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Free solo climbing

04 Products


Excellent impact absorption and an easy exit for maximum throughput. Popular airbag at ski resorts, skate parks and bike parks.


Tested from over 60m above ground level the BigAirBag® REVOLUTION can deal with the heaviest of impacts and the hardest of falls.


BigAirBag® ADVENTURE features multiple air-pillars which absorb impact individually, allowing for simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level.


Due to its softness and durability the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is the preferred alternative to loose foam pits at trampoline parks, freestyle parks and gymnasiums.


Multiple concepts have been developed into complete attractions. Each attraction has a wide target audience with different thrilling activities and multiple revenue streams to create a great return on investment. Modularity and thematization are the core of each attraction, so it will fit in any holiday park, adventure park & theme park


The revolutionary design and fully customizable shape means the BigAirBag® LANDING adopts the shape of the landing area it covers, providing fall safe protection at the knuckle, on the landing ramp itself and finally in the run out area.

05 Why trust us

  • Market leader of airbags in sport & leisure
  • 16+ years of experience
  • Over 3500 installations worldwide
  • Manufactured exclusively in the Netherlands using the finest German made materials, manufacturing techniques and machinery
  • All BigAirBag® products are TÜV and Vincotte certified for quality and safety
Trusted by smart brands

In our product lifestyle being stoked comes first. In business our products are a proven investment!

Hans WeerenBigAirBag®

BigAirBag® helps me to push the boundaries of going big on my BMX bike. Never felt better to crash and know that all will be good when you land.

Desmond TessmakerProfessional BMX Rider

The team at WinSport has been nothing but impressed with BigAirBag®´s service approach, adaptability and timely response in meeting our organizations needs. They are an incredibly easy company to work with and one that makes you feel you´re in close proximity, even though we´re halfway around the world form each other. The BigAirBag® team is clearly driven by performance and athlete success. Thank you!

Jennifer KonopakiWinsport Canada - Director of sport

Borrow my 25x15 REVOLUTION? With all that BigAirBag® did for me, that´s the least I can do for you...

Guerlain ChicheritProfessional athlete - Monster Energy, Mini, Tignes Development

“We are extremely happy with the combination of the Jumping tower and BigAirBag® free fall set-up, it is an activity that can be used by everyone! Both staff and guests love the excitement of falling through the air!”

Sven HeijboerDuprat Concept

I have been rock climbing for over 13 years now and climbing without ropes gives the ultimate freedom feeling. BigAirBag® gives me this opportunity and a safe landing at the same time. They help me realize my childhood dream of being able to fly, which is such an amazing feeling. Best motivation ever.

Rustam Gelmanov - Professional rock climberRed Bull

For everyone who wants to feel the sensation of flying and have a safe landing, BigAirBag® is the product for you. They are by far the leader in providing safe landings for action sports. I'm proud to be part of this family.

Todor Spasov - Professional Cliff DiverRed Bull

We´ve had basically every bag under the sun and what we found is that BigAirBag® is the only bag that works.

Ken AchenbachThe camp of champions - Founder and owner

This is literally the future of action sports! The last 10/15 years of freestyle motocross everybody used foampits and in that timespan there have been multiple people who died because the foam pit catched fire. It's cool to see now that some one thought outside the box and basically took big jumping castles and redesigned them so that they dispose the air and you don't get hurt.

Pat BowdenFK Riders - Professional FMX rider

BigAirBag® has given me the opportunity to take my skills to the next level. It helped me get over my fears and able to push the limits of my sport which eventually led to landing a never before seen trick!

Martin DrumevProfessional athlete

“We are extremely happy with the combination of the Jumping tower and BigAirBag® free fall set-up, it is an activity that can be used by everyone! Both staff and guests love the excitement of falling through the air!”

Sven HeijboerDuprat Concept