World record 60 meter jump!

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At BigAirBag we are all about pushing the boundaries and redefining the limits. So it only makes sense we are breaking another world record on Monday March 6th. This time, we are jumping from the 60 meter high Signaal tower at the Amsterdam RAI.

Five athletes are battling to see who will break the record first: Amir Badri (Iran), Bart van der Linden (NL), Cris van Schijndel (NL), Peter Hendriks Van Warbij (NL) & Ilja Pálmai (NL).

The stunt is performed to promote the new sport Street Diving. What is this? It’s Red Bull cliff diving but flat bang in the city centre! Athletes will land safe in a BigAirBag Revolution, click here for an impression of this crazy sport. For the stunt we have designed a special branded 15x15x5 BigAirBag to make sure the athletes will be able to tell their grandkids about that time they broke the world record. Our current record is at 46 meters, check out the aftermovie here!

On Monday, our athletes will need a few hours to build up to the height of 60 meters. For this we will use a crane to gradually go higher and higher until they feel ready to step up to the plate. We are expecting it to be between 13:45 and 14:00. Can’t join? Don’t worry! We will setup a live broadcast from our Facebook account!

At the same time, the stunt is to kick off the Funsports Xperience, an indoor event for everyone who is interested in funsports and wants to try it! Activities include windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, and skateboarding as well as a BigAirBag setup with high performance  MaxAir trampoline and bounce boards! The event will take place in the RAI Amsterdam from March 8-12. Besides trying new sports, you can also test out and purchase the latest gear and profit from the best discounts! The event is sponsored by Pepsi and Samsung.

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