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Marketers World – Trampoline Station, a perfect crowd entertainment

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On 18th of October 2019 in Rimini, Italy, took place country’s largest event dedicated to entrepreneurs, creators and influencers, Marketers World.

Marketers World is an Italian event dedicated to all those who wish to pursue a digital career. During the gathering, the members met creators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, influencers and people who are approaching a digital career. The participation in Marketers World gave the opportunity to invest in their professional future, obtain skills, notions and strategies unknown to most of the Italian job market.  


In order to make the event more appealing and more fun for the participants, BigAirBag® was contacted. BigAirBag® provided an ADVENTURE airbag with an innovative connection to a trampoline. As expected, the link between the airbag and the trampoline worked our perfectly, providing a safe transition from one platform to another. As a result of the multiple testings the platform is perfect as a corporate event trampoline rental.

Moreover, a BigAirBag® crew was present during the event. It consisted of enginners and professional trampoline athletes such as Melvin Dokter. Besides installing the big ADVENTURE bag, they provided an athletic show during the all day to the public and also explained the moves which can be done while having a soft landing platform.

During the presentation, Melvin Further assisted the crowd. More than 130 participants tried the combination between a trampoline and an airbag. Some of them gained fast confidence and started to perform flips. It is worth mentioning that performing flips with an airbag is much safer and is perfect for a company party trampoline show.  Melvin, together with the team assisted each member of the event and explained all the details which can help them to perform flips safely. 

Every company can rent the trampoline and airbag station for their event. As mentioned before, a team of professional athletes will entertain the crowd and teach them to perform their FIRST EVER BACKFLIP ! To achieve this, the athletes will work with every individual, and don’t worry, it will not create a long queue due to instructor’s experience. Within minutes the whole setup will bring joy and smiles on participants faces.  The setup is perfect as a company party trampoline rental or as a trampoline demonstration rental.


It was a special event because of the atmosphere, full of energy. This was the first day of the event where a lot of activities could be done. A lot of young people enjoyed and were impressed by the trampoline and BigAirBag®. Jumping on a trampoline brought a lot of joy the visitors, especially together with landing in the safe BigAirBag®. For some more experienced jumpers, the BigAirBag® gave them the opportunity to try some tricks which made the young public very enthusiastic. The event was all about connecting the Marketers and enjoying the first day of activities, I’m sure the Guzzi trampoline together with the BigAirBag® was a great activity to achieve this. For me, as a trampoline athlete and instructor, it was great to see so many people enjoy the BigAirBag® set up together with the Guzzi trampoline

Melvin Dokter - Trampoline Athlete

Advantages of a BigAirBag® trampoline station

  • Excellent and safe impact absorption → which assured a safe landing for all participants
  • Simultaneous landings possible → reducing the queue and making the whole experience more enjoyable
  • Good addition to every indoor or outdoor event → unique experience
  • Innovative blower system → resulted in less noise and increased safety. Both aspects were crucial for the event organisers. 
  • Premium service → the installation and the safety training is provided with every product
  • Training tool → perfect to build-up aerial awareness of participants
  • Perfect company party trampoline show → BigAirBag® team provide entertainment during the whole event.
  • Outdoor use → good addition to any Adventure or Holiday park as the setup can be easily used outside.

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