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Thank you for flying with us at the MTB Trail Awards!

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BigAirBag® is always in for an adventure. This time, we were very grateful to return to the well-organized event: MTB Trail Awards for a day full of biking action and conviviality.

The story of MTB Trail awards

Since 2007, the MTB Trail Awards event is known as a yearly election for mountainbike trails in the Netherlands. The trails are maintained by clubs and associations existing of volunteers. The purpose of the MTB Trail awards is to raise awareness for sport development, durability and accessibility of the mountainbike trails and of course for the effort of the volunteers.

The election consists of different categories with corresponding judges, who are responsible for selecting the winners. The first place is the public award, also known as: The Golden Shovel, which is given to the mountainbike trail with the highest rating and the most amount of votes from the public. This public election takes place two months before the actual MTB Trail Awards.

The other categories consist of:

  • Best new MTB Trail
  • Responsible Riding (Trail Etiquette) 
  • Most nature friendly MTB Trail
  • Best MTB Bikepark
  • Incentive award

The role of BigAirBag® in the event

In collaboration with Specialized, we created a very unique setup with one of our products: the BigAirBag® FREESTYLE. The light weight materials and innovative features make it easy to set up, transport and handle, which is perfect for events of this kind.

We came up with the crazy idea to place the roll in of the jump on the roof of the local venue. All day long, visitors of the event were able to showcase their best tricks. In addition, we even hosted a small contest to see who was capable of doing the best jump on our BigAirBag® FREESTYLE.

The beautiful weather, the cheering visitors and the enthousiasm of the participants made the event one for in the books! After a day filled with bike action, it was the right time for a perfect ending of the event: a barbecue and some local craft beers.

Until next one Trail Awards!

Find out more about the BigAirBag® FREESTYLE!

“For me personally, this was a special event. I'm totally in to freestyle mountainbiking so it was great to share the same passion with all the visitors of the event. I obviously took the opportunity to do some jumps myself on the setup we made with the BigAirBag® FREESTYLE. Thank you for a beautiful day and I hope to see you next time, Trail Awards!

Dean Sombroek - BigAirBag® Engineer

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