A new trampoline park is (Air)borne!

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This amazing trampoline park is located in Cheltenham, west of England. The new trampoline park is also described as being ‘a sea of trampolines’. 

Their high performance trampolines have a variety of activities which both connects adults and children. It offers exciting fitness classes where individuals can have a great work out. To add on that, it can also host birthday parties and toddler activities where they can knock each other off into the pit! It is really for all ages!

Last but not least, the trampoline park in Cheltenham has a massive Ninja Course, which can be enjoyed by any age group. 

Instead of the Foam Pit airbag just being used for practicing trampoline stunts, the training airbag can also be used for practicing their basketball slamming skills while landing in the Foam Pit BigAirBag! Unlike traditional dismount foam pits, the BigAirBag is hygienic, very safe, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to exit. 

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