BigAirBag® Rents & Events

The BigAirBag® models are also available to rent for both short term and long term time periods. Regardless of whether you need BigAirBag® for a ski resort opening event, a freestyle competition, promotional event, product launch, team building event, a themed party or even a trade fair – BigAirBag® has an option for you.

Our options

Our rental options are divided in three categories. Depending on if you want to rent short-term, long- term, or want to test it before you make a purchase, there is an option for you.

  1. Rental – For rentals of 1 week or longer. We train your staff upon delivery of the BigAirBag so you can operate it safely yourself. Of course we’re happy to stay around for a while to help you get started.
  2. Event – Have a event for one or multiple days? Rent a BigAirBag including our staff. We will run the setup for you.
  3. Try & Buy – We understand the purchase of a BigAirBag needs some consideration. Or you need to prove your concept to investors. Rent a BigAirBag for a short period to try it at a lower fee.

01 Rental

Have a multiple day event and need a crowd magnet? Look no further! We have all our models on stock in several sizes, covering all possible activities on the BigAirBag. You rent the BigAirBag with crew or receive operational training for your own personnel. Furthermore we can supply all additional required materials such as a kicker, jump platform, or artifical snow.

Decided you want to purchase a BigAirBag? You will get part of your rental fee as returned on your final purchase price.

What’s included?

  • BigAirBag with blower(s) and spare blower
  • Installation & take-down
  • Staff training
  • Blower Alarm System
  • Rules sheets
  • Maintenance kit
  • Optional event extras: Kicker, jump platform, artificial snow, but also party tents, bean bags, sound system and MC

02 Events

Although BigAirBag events were originally for freestyle sports, today BigAirBag can be used to create many unique event attractions like freefall, ski, snowboard, trampoline, bike, ninja warrior, gladiator battle beam, free solo climbing, parcour, free-running and much much more. To find out more about all the activities you can create with a BigAirBag, please check out our events and marketing page

What’s included?

  • BigAirBag with blower(s) and spare blower
  • Installation & take-down
  • BigAirBag Crew (2)
  • Insurance
  • Blower Alarm System
  • Rules sheets
  • Optional event extras: Kicker, jump platform, artificial snow, but also party tents, bean bags, sound system and MC

Free Fall shows

Video: O’Marisquiño Event in Spain

Pro athletes stunt performance

  • Corporate events (teambuilding, incentives)
  • Sport events (competitions, training)
  • Measure (sideshow, product application)
  • Competitions
  • Training sessions
  • Summer camps (bike, skate, bmx, mtb)
  • Winter camps (snowboard, freestyle ski)
  • Freestyle workshops
  • Night shows
  • Side events
  • Film projects (stuntman safety, movie stunt training)
  • Photo shoots

03 Try & Buy

Thinking of making the smart investment of purchasing a BigAirBag but need a proof of concept or convince your investors? Try the BigAirBag for a short period to get real feedback from your customer base before committing to a purchase. With our “Try & Buy” deals, the rental fee is deducted and we ask you take care of transport and lodging for our staff. Now you can test out BigAirBag is a solid investment for you! All in all, we like to make it easy, simple and safe for our customers to try our products and services before committing.

The day before your event begins the BigAirBag crew arrives to install the BigAirBag and make sure that the setup is safe for public use. On the day of the event our team takes the responsibility for safety, maintenance and supervision of the BigAirBag and the event participants so that you can sit back, relax and watch the fun and excitement unfold.

What’s included?

  • BigAirBag with blower(s) and spare blower
  • Installation & take-down
  • BigAirBag Crew (2)
  • Insurance
  • Blower Alarm System
  • Rules sheets
  • Optional event extras: Kicker, jump platform, artificial snow, but also party tents, bean bags, sound system and MC
Forbes 500 listed companies have used a full color branded BigAirBag®
Professional athletes among our crew to give away a stunning show!
Visitors on the largest events who can see your branding

BigAirBag Street Diving

Extreme sports athletes from all different sports like freestyle skiers, snowboarders, cliff divers, free runners, gymnasts and everything in between became enthusiastic and wanted to show the world what they got. To win a Street Diving competition the athletes will jump from a 20-meter high platform into the BigAirBag REVOLUTION. An independent jury will score the jumps on difficulty, style, and landing. May the best Street Diver win!

Check out the website for more info

04 What’s included

  • BigAirBag (model and size subject to activity)
  • Certified operator
  • Staff training
  • Assembling and dismantling of the BigAirBag
  • Legal documents and certificates
  • Participant disclaimer and participant care
  • Liability insurance coverage and operation protection

Additional services

Staff requirements
Depending on the size of your event and your own individual requirements, BigAirBag has a team of experienced event managers and stuntmen trained to cater to all of your wishes. We are well known for our premium worldwide event services.
Branding and bannering system
We will assist you with your design needs! Just send us your design and we will transform the BigAirBag into a giant interactive billboard in full color, high definition print quality.
BigAirBag accessories
We are happy to offer you all the appropriate accessories for you BigAirBag event. For example jumping towers, fully branded scaffold towers, scissor lifts, bike ramps, high performance trampolines, crash mats, battle beams and slacklines.
Social Media Advertising with the
BigAirBag® photo/video setup
The BigAirBag® action sports photo/video setup is an incredibly powerful way to reach millions of people in your target market.

Your visitors can log in at the start point module with their social media accounts, jump and share their action sports photo/video online. The advertising potential of your BigAirBag® setup at both the point of interest and on social media networks is another reason why BigAirBag is such a powerful marketing tool.


Professional Event Video and Photos
Our professional photographers and film crew can be hired to shoot and produce your personalized event video in full high definition picture and audio quality. With video becoming such an important online media, your BigAirBag action sports event video will continue reaching your target market for years after your event.


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In our product lifestyle being stoked comes first. In business our products are a proven investment!

Hans WeerenBigAirBag®

BigAirBag have the best crew in the world. I was afraid of heights, but they helped me to get over it. The bag is really soft and I love to jump on it!

Martin Drumev - Professional athlete

BigAirBag is not only the safest way to learn new tricks but also makes a spectacular addition to any event. It allows riders to try and dare more than on a normal landing creating even more sensational events!

Sven Boekhorst - Former professional inline skateTwo times X-Games gold medal winner and owner of SB Events

We’ve had various amazing events by using the BigAirBag® Adventure! The Setup with a low and flat landing pad really allows the young kids to join, making them super busy. BigAirBag® does not only manufacture products, they listen carefully and advise a full setup to the clients needs!

Tim Smit - OwneriCycle

The first time I jumped into a BigAirBag® was in Holland, the team from BigAirBag® was really cool and also very professional! We started at 10m and ended up at almost 40 meters. What a crazy experience!

Alain Kohl - Professional Cliff DiverRed Bull
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