• Val d'Isere France
    Rev3 SOSH (French Telecom) / Val d'Isere France
  • Italy
    Rev3 Alleghe Funivie / Ski Civetta / Italy
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    Rev3 BigAirBag Event Bag / Tignes France
  • Rev3 BigAirBag Event Bag /
  • France
    Rev2 Aramits / France
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Revolution Bag

For all your high impact jumps such as free fall, high level snowboard, skiing, BMX and many more high jumps. And all other extreme sports you are thinking about.

How does it work?
The REVOLUTION model has its baffling 2 chamber-system incorporated into one inflatable air cushion. When a jumper lands on the REVOLUTION, the air is released throughout multiple pressure windows, to absorb the impact. The internal air pump and axial fans (not exposed to the outside environment) ensure a constant air supply. However, there is NO air pressure in the REVOLUTION.

Freefall from great heights & Freefall 10×10
Snow: Kaunertall 15×15 & French national team 15×15
Car-Backflip: Training & Landing

Where is it made from?
The REVOLUTION is made out of only high quality, fire resistant and sustainable materials. Every single detail is manufactured in our factory in The Netherlands. It’ important for us to know the purpose of your REVOLUTION before you order it. If you intent to use the REVOLUTION for skiing, snowboarding, BMX, we will equip it with a thicker top sheet to ensure durability (from the impact of the equipment). For the use of FMX we can even add a Kevlar insert to the topsheet. If you intend to use it for free fall, adventure parks or rope less climbing, the top sheet will be thinner / gentler to the skin.

Why choose for a REVOLUTION?
– It is easy to setup and you can (if necessary) take it down in 6 parts
– You can rotate the top and safety ring to 4 different sides, independent of the bottom and pumps. (this is especially useful when you need to change the exit location)
– It’s included with a water-release system. (water that is on the bag will be automatically released via the corners
– A variable border hardness allows you to stretch or compress the landing-zone
– All pumps are all inside so they are protected against weather and saboteurs.
– All sheets can be printed full color.
– All sides and topsheet can be removed easily and fast.
– It comes with a complete installation and safety training on location
– Possible damages can be easily repaired due to our highly unique material stability.
– It allows an average of 180-240 jumps per hour

- Rev. 2 (10 x 10 meters / 33 x 33 feet) – 450 kg (1000 lbs) Get a quote…
- Rev. 3 (15 x 15 meters / 49 x 49 feet) – 900 kg (2000 lbs) Get a quote…
- Rev. 4 (20 x 20 meters / 66 x 66 feet) – 1500 kg (3300 lbs) Get a quote…
- Rev. Custom (Custom x size x hight – Custom weight) Custom quote…

The Complete System Includes:
– Mutiple-chamber inside air-cushion
– 1 removable & replaceable Top sheet
– 4 removable & replaceable Side sheets
– 2 air pumps (110 or 220 volts) – (3 pump for Rev3+)
– Anchoring system
– Repair kit
– Transportation & installation on location
– Vincotte certification

The REVOLUTION is transported on 2 Euro pallets.