• Switzerland
    Freestyle 15x11 Z'loft / Switzerland
  • Verbier Switzerland
    Freestyle 15x9 Swatch / Verbier Switzerland
  •  Les Deux Alpes France
    Freestyle 15x11 Bab 2 Alpes / Les Deux Alpes France
  • Sappee Finland
    Freestyle 15x11 / Sappee Finland
  • Grindelwald Switserland
    Freestyle 15x9 / Grindelwald Switserland
  • Neveplast Italy
    Freestyle 15x11 / Neveplast Italy
  • Slovakia
    Freestyle 17x11 Den Braven / Slovakia
  • The Netherlands
    Freestyle 10x8 Skateland / The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
    Freestyle 15x11 Ride / Switzerland

Freestyle Bag

The BigAirBag FREESTYLE bag has 2 chambers: the bottom chamber is firm (maintaining the stability) while the upper one is soft (soothing your landing). The internal air pumps (not exposed to the outside environment) ensure a constant air pressure. Even if the upper chamber is too soft, the jumper will never hit the ground since the bottom chamber is there to absorb the fall.

The BigAirBag FREESTYLE is made out of quality ( Material PVC) and sustainable materials in our factory in The Netherlands. It has easily removable top and side sheets. It is important to know the purpose of your BigAirBag FREESTYLE before you order it. If you intent to use the BigAirBag FREESTYLE for skiing, snowboarding, BMX, mountain biking, we will equip it with a thicker top sheet to ensure durability (of the impact with the equipment).

The snowboarding / ski jump BigAirBag FREESTYLE has an average rate of 6 jumps per minute.The average rate for bikes is 4-5 jumps per minute. Jumpers slide off the BigAirBag FREESTYLE to the sides (no need to take your equipment off). The BigAirBag FREESTYLE bag is available in 6 sizes: 8×6, 10×8, 15×9 meter, 15×11 meter, 15×13 meter, 17×11 meter. Or you can choose for a custom made bag.


FREESTYLE 8 x 6   meters (26 x 19 feet) - 250 kg  (550 lbs) Get a quotation…

FREESTYLE 10 x 8   meters (32 x 26 feet) - 350 kg  (770 lbs) Get a quotation…

FREESTYLE 15 x 9   meters (49 x 30 feet) - 500 kg  (1100 lbs) Get a quotation…

FREESTYLE 15 x 11 meters (49 x 36 feet) - 650 kg  (1430 lbs) Get a quotation…

FREESTYLE 15 x 13 meters (49 x 43 feet) - 650 kg  (1430 lbs) Get a quotation…

FREESTYLE 17 x 11 meters (56 x 36 feet) - 850 kg  (1890 lbs) Get a quotation…

FREESTYLE Custom (Custom size x hight, Custom Weight) Custom quotation…

The Complete System Includes:
1 BigAirBag Cushion (top and bottom chambers)
2 Air Pumps (engines) 110 – 220 volt
1 Replaceable Top sheet
2 Replaceable Side sheets
2 Replaceable Front / Back sheets
4 Anchoring Poles
4 Anchoring Lashes
1 Repair Kit: Blower (220 volt / 700 degrees)
Repair Roller
Repair Material (for the replaceable sheets)

The BigAirBag FREESTYLE is transported on 1 Euro pallet