Quality Service since 2005

During the years, the BigAirBag BV has built an expertise in the service of its products. We offer 2 years guarantee upon the construction of your bag that includes free repair(s) in our factory in The Netherlands.

BigAirBag offers you sevice-on-location (within EU). The BigAirBag Crew can repair your Freestyle or Revolution bag on location with there service car.

Further, the BigAirBag provides you with a ‘Repair Kit’ (a part of every BigAirBag complete system). If the damage  on your BigAirBag is a small one, the best option would be to repair it yourself using the repair kit and by following the instructions in the manual.

If the damage on your BigAirBag is of a bigger scale, you can send it to our factory in The Netherlands using a transportation company or the BigAirBag crew can pick it up from you if they are located nearby.

Important to know:

The BigAirBag office is highly committed to their customers time and needs. We have a short response time placing your orders, answering your emails, sending replaceable parts and repairing your BigAirBag(s).