Swatch Rev 15×15 ready in Livigno Italy

Finally the BigAirBag Rev 15×15 is on his location in the Swatch Snow Park in Livigno. The last few weeks the extreme cold weather made it impossible to put the bag on his spot. The bag is huge, just like the setup! For the big daredevils, this is your change to ride a really big kicker and landt in a smooth and soft cushion. You can check your own movie on the big screens in the Snowpark or on Swatch.



19/03/2015 - Google maps has also spotted BigAirBag! check

BigAirBag at Xtreme Experience De Schorre >

16/09/2014 - The fifth edition of the free event Xtreme Xperience takes place with again

Wolfskamer >

15/09/2014 - The event at the wolfskamer has ended. Some pictures where made by Effen

BigAirBag event Phillip Morris >

06/08/2014 - igAirBag Freestyle for Philip Morris in Czech Republic. The VIP smokers


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