• Zandvoort
    The Spot / Zandvoort
  • Austria
    Grindelwald / Austria
  • Belgium
    Boom / Belgium
  • Mnt Lab, Utah USA
    Former DC BigAirBag / Mnt Lab, Utah USA

Rent a BigAirBag

The BigAirBag BV offers our clients the possibility to rent a BigAirBag FREESTYLE 15×11 and / or a BigAirBag REVOLUTION 10×10 / 15×15 model for a season. The renting package includes a complete BigAirBag system with BigAirBag branding (full color or hand paint). Moreover, the BigAirBag crew delivers your setup, provides the installation and the training to your staff.

The BigAirBag renting package gives our clients the opportunity to co-own a new visually appealing BigAirBag for a season without the need to maintain or store it themselves. The BigAirBags that are selected for renting are our latest innovative designs and models.