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branding options

Top Deck branding:

Side Deck branding:

  • Freestyle 15x11 Full Color sides /
  • Freestyle 15x9 Sample Full Color top and sides /
  • Rev3 Sample Full Color sides /
  • Rev3 Sample Full Color sides /

BigAirBag Events >

The BigAirBag models are also available to rent for a BigAirBag event or as supplements to your freestyle event. The BigAirBag crew comes a day in advance to install the BigAirBag and takes the responsibility to maintain and supervise the bag and the safety of the jumpers during the event.

You can give everyone the possibility to try new daring freestyle tricks without running the risk of having injuries.

The BigAirBag’s application range is broad:
– Corporate Events (corporate events, incentives, etc)
– Sport Events (competitions, training, etc)
– Measure (sideshow, product application, etc)
– Competitions (fun-player, side show, etc)
– Training sessions (hobby sports training, professional training, etc)
– Summer Camps (bike, skate, dirt, etc)
– Winter Camps (snowboard, freestyle ski, etc)
– Freestyle Workshops (training sessions for rookies and pro’s)
– Night Shows (special events, side show, etc)
– Film Projects (stuntmen safety, special movies, etc)
– Photo Shoots (stunts safety element, special movies, etc)

But not the only landing with a sports equipment is available into a BigAirBag, Also the customer-experienced, called Free Falling, is a perfect solution for customer Business with a BigAirBag. FreeFall, is called the jump from a fixed point, without any sports equipment, (jump tower, scissorlift, etc)


BigAirBag Revoluiton2 10x10x3,5m
High Performance Aircushion
(Bagsize subject to availablitity)
– 2 certified operators per day (8 hours)
– assembling and dismantling of the BigAirBag
– legal documents and certificates
– the customer disclaimer and customer care
– insurance coverage and operation protection
– test jumps and Pro jumps/ sideshow

Optional services:
Staff requirements: We like to adapt your offering to the desired number of employees or staff!

Branding and Bannering system: We will assist you with your design needs! A bag-branding is always possible and optionally attached!

Jumping Point: We are happy to offer you the appropriate Jumping Point for your event with the BigAirBag Ramps for Freestyle Sessions Sports (Snow, Skate, Bike, Dirt…) and Scissors lift or scaffold tower for FreeFall sessions!

Photo Factory: This technical facility will catch every emotion and impulse of the customers during the event on 2 high-resolution cameras at different positions and give you the opportunity, over the photo sales, to generate an additional income from it, at your BigAirBag event.

BigAirBag Application: We also offer additional service to your portfolio, like an application for early registration before the BigAirBag event. Facebook of iPhone application available!

Video Footage and impressions: We are happy to offer you also the possibility of our experienced camera operators and equipment, to make a perfect impression of you event and can visually convey. Video footage can be used to revise their own!

For more information contact info[at]bigairbag[dot]com


Rent a BigAirBag >

The BigAirBag BV offers our clients the possibility to rent a BigAirBag FREESTYLE 15×11 and / or a BigAirBag REVOLUTION 10×10 / 15×15 model for a season. The renting package includes a complete BigAirBag system with BigAirBag branding (full color or hand paint). Moreover, the BigAirBag crew delivers your setup, provides the installation and the training to your staff.

The BigAirBag renting package gives our clients the opportunity to co-own a new visually appealing BigAirBag for a season without the need to maintain or store it themselves. The BigAirBags that are selected for renting are our latest innovative designs and models.


Quality Guarantee >

The BigAirBag FREESTYLE and REVOLUTION models have both a safety certificate from Vincotte. This means that the both bags have been tested for their use in (extreme) sports, quality of materials and safety design. Vincotte testing teams are interdisciplinary and are comprised by highly qualified technical and administrative staff. Their objective is to evaluate the know-how and design in conformity with the worldwide

Insurance >

The BigAirBag has a worldwide insurance that covers accidents that might occur during a BigAirBag event. To prevent accidents of any kind, please, read and follow the manual that comes with every bag. There you can find the instructions on how to safely setup and maintain your BigAirBag.

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